Wimberley Storm Damage Roof Repair

With all the storms in Wimberley, it’s no surprise that homes and businesses alike receive damage from hail or wind. In fact, Texas is among the states with the most hail and wind storms. While that is bad news, we are here to help you assess and repair any damage caused by the storm. We take care of problems of all size, whether you just need a few shingles replaced or need the roof replaced due to wind or hail damage.

Inspecting For Storm Damage

Hail Damaged Roof In WimberleyWe always begin a visit to your home with a very thorough inspection of the roof to determine what damage was caused by the storm. While most home and business owners only think to contact us if they have noticed issues like leaks or loose shingles after a hail or wind storm, it is actually smart to have your roof inspected following any severe storm. Much of the damage remains invisible to the untrained eye, especially without climbing up on the roof.

Our contractors at Transcendent Roofing will be able to spot damage and determine if it was caused by the recent storm. In some cases, those roofs that experience storm damage have an underlying issue that made them more susceptible to wind or hail. Other times, however, it is simply a case of bad luck for the property owner.

An impact mark from hail on your roof, for example, isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. We will take a look at the impact and can help verify if an insurance claim will be approved. In that case, we suggest replacing the roof so you are prepared for the next storm.

In addition to the inspection, we will ask you what lead to your call – such as loose shingles. Although we do a thorough inspection, any information regarding storm damage makes it easier to spot the problems.

Types Of Storm Damage To Roofs

Storms can constantly cause problems for our homes and roofs. This is a list of the most common types of storm damage to roofs in Wimberley.

Hail Damage

Hail is the most common problem that destroys the integrity of our roofs. Sometimes the damage is easy to see, like if there are dents in your gutters or siding. Sometimes you might not notice it until the roof starts to leak.

Wind Damage

Strong winds can tear off shingles or lift them up, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. You might notice shingles on the ground or missing from your roof from this. Wind can also damage flashing or other parts of your roof.

Water Damage

If water gets into your roof, it can cause all sorts of problems. Water can rot wood, damage insulation, and cause mold and mildew to grow. You might notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, or even have water dripping down from the roof.

Damage From Debris

During a storm, debris from tree branches or even entire trees can fall on your roof. This can cause major damage, like a hole in your roof or a collapsed rafter.

Completing Roof Repairs Following Storms

Wind Damage To A Roof After A StormAfter we have determined the damage from the storm, our team at Transcendent Roofing Wimberley can begin the repairs. If possible, we will repair individual sections of the roof, but a full replacement may also be necessary. That is more likely in the case of severe damage; multiple loose, missing, or broken shingles across the roof; or a roof that has simply aged too much to be worth fixing. While repairs are cheaper initially, remember that completely replacing the roof will provide results for a longer period of time.

We will always do our best to work with your insurance company as well. In many cases, your building’s insurance will cover some or all of the damage due to hail and wind. We will maximize the amount that your insurance covers as well as to be upfront as to the cost.