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Roofing in Wimberley

Wimberley residents have come to Transcendent Roofing for all of their roofing needs. Our team has the experience necessary to offer a full selection of roofing services, including maintenance, inspections, installations, and repairs. We pride ourselves on working with the full spectrum of roof styles and materials, and we strive to put customer satisfaction first.

Types Of Roofing Installed In Wimberley

Roof Installation Taking Place In Wimberley

Roof Installation Taking Place In Wimberley

Thanks to our experience, equipment, and training, our Transcendent Roofing team can tackle any project, with none being too big or two small. Big projects let us see the extent of our impact on the Wimberley community and give more members of our team the chance to work together. Smaller projects help us connect with more members of the local community. Additionally, they give us the satisfaction of knowing that we were able to assist our customers before the problem got worse and had a serious impact on their home. Whether you have a large commercial property, a small house, or something in between, we will gladly take on the job.

When we say we welcome all roofs at Transcendent Roofing, we do not just refer to projects of any size. We also work with any roof, regardless of style or material used. Our experience has taught us the unique issues that affect styles like flat roofs or those with steep slopes. As such, we can take the appropriate preventative measures during installation and know what to look for during an inspection. We also work with all roofing materials, from the common asphalt shingles to clay, tile, metal, and other materials.

Safety Is Always a Priority

Completed Roofing Job In Wimberley

Completed Roofing Job

Safety is one of the many reasons that we encourage you to hire us for your roofing services instead of attempting to complete the tasks yourself. Our Transcendent Roofing team has the experience to be comfortable on roofs as well as the training to stay safe, including access to the latest safety equipment. This almost completely eliminates the risk of injury during our roofing services.

Your family will also remain safe while we work on the roof just from our team’s commitment to safety. You do not have to worry about us accidentally dropping materials off the roof when you are walking by, or dropping materials onto your car or patio furniture. We also make your financial safety a priority, which is why Transcendent Roofing is an insured roofing company. If something does happen, which is unlikely, you will not be liable.

Our commitment to safety also extends to the quality of our work in Wimberley and surrounding areas. After all, a sturdy roof that is installed properly and well maintained is better able to withstand all weather conditions and keep everything inside safe, from your family members to your prized possessions.

Get to Know Our Roofing Company In Wimberley

As mentioned, at Transcendent Roofing, we provide a full spectrum of services for our clients in Wimberley and the surrounding areas, including on residential and commercial properties.

Inspection and Maintenance

We understand that maintenance is key to extending the life of your roof and ensuring it is in proper working order. As such, we offer a range of maintenance services, including inspections. Inspections are incredibly popular as they can be useful in multiple situations. Those looking to sell their homes come to us for a roof inspection so they can see if they need to make repairs before listing it.

Other property owners come to us if they spot something that concerns them, such as a loose shingle. Yet others only contact us for the regular inspections we recommend at least every few years. Regardless of your reasons for a roof inspection, Transcendent Roofing is here to help. Following the inspection, we will help you with the next steps, such as repairs.

Roof Repairs In Wimberley

Completed Roof InstallationMany Wimberley residents contact us to schedule repairs, including roof repairs for storm damage. We always complete an inspection before repairing your roof as this lets us assess the extent of the damage. If you want, we can also explain the reasons for the repairs and what the repair process involves. This way, you fully understand what we will be doing and there are no surprises.

Texas is home to some harsh weather, which is why one of our specialties at Transcendent Roofing is storm damage. Following a severe storm, we can complete an inspection, keeping our eyes out for problems as well as storm-specific damage. If we find damage, we will work to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. We can handle the full range of storm damage to roofs, whether repairs are enough or you need a replacement.


Our team will also assist you with installing a new roof on your property. We have experience installing roofs on new properties as well as replacing the existing roof on older properties. Our installation services always include assistance with deciding the materials to use and making other key decisions. We will gladly provide you with the information you request. We want everyone to be fully satisfied with their roof installation.

Let Us Reduce the Hassle

Since we make customer service a priority, our team takes steps to help minimize the hassle associated with having our crew on your roof and make noisy repairs. Thanks to our sizable and well-trained team, we have enough staff to tackle larger projects in a timely manner. We can have as many team members working on a project as the size of the roof dictates.

Additionally, all of our team members have extensive experience and training, which allows them to work efficiently. By getting your roof done in a timely manner, it shortens the timeline but are still able to trust the quality of the work. Transcendent has worked hard to build a reputation for delivering quality, long-lasting services, so you will not have the hassles of replacement or repairs soon.

Schedule your roof services with Transcendent Roofing for a hassle-free experience. We leave you with a fully functional roof on your Wimberley home.