Roof Installation

For all your roof installation needs, turn to Transcendent Roofing of Austin. Our experienced team can help you with any type of roof installation, regardless of the material, building type, or reason for the installation. Many of our installations are actually roof replacements for those that have gotten too old or experienced damage of some sort. Other times, we install roofs on new buildings or on the addition of an existing one. Our team has experience with all types of installations.

Do You Need Roof Installation?

In some cases, there isn’t even a need to ask if you need roof installation, such as when building a new home. When it comes to existing structures, however, it can become a bit more complicated and you may need our expertise.

To confirm that a roof installation is necessary on your building, our team of experts will conduct an inspection of the structure. We will pay close attention to the shingles as any that are broken, cracked, or curled can show signs of age and missing shingles are a sure indication that something is wrong. If we notice the shingles are sagging or simply not lining up properly, this likely indicates the sheathing under is rotting and you will need a complete replacement. We may also ask for access to your attic to check for light coming in through the roof or water damage from leaks, either of which lets us know repairs or an installation is necessary.

We Install All Roofing Materials

No matter the type of material you have envisioned for your roof, Transcendent Roofing of Austin can install it for you. We can even help guide you through the various materials, letting you know the pros and cons of each and which one makes the most sense in your situation. Asphalt shingles remain popular among homeowners for their budget-friendliness and familiar appearance, but we can also discuss metal, plastic polymer, clay tile, concrete tile, slate, or wood singles and shakes with you. With our help, you can make a decision and then we will complete the installation for you.

Why Choose Us For Your Roof Installation

You always want to hire professionals to work on your roof because of safety as well as quality concerns. Those unfamiliar with working on roofs may feel unsteady, increasing their risk of falling and injuring themselves. Additionally, our use of high-quality materials combined with our extensive experience allows us to install the roof correctly so it lasts a long time.

We have access to high quality materials and specialized tools you won’t and are able to tell the difference between when you need to install a new roof or can get away with repairing the old one. We will also complete the job more quickly than you would if you attempt to do it yourself. Not to mention, we offer a warranty to deliver peace of mind and are fully insured in case something does happen on the job site, which is highly unlikely.

When you are ready to install a new roof, contact Transcendent Roofing of Austin.