Roof Inspection

Whether you need your roof inspected as a preventative measure or because you suspect something is wrong, Transcendent Roofing of Austin can assist you. We will gladly perform a roof inspection for you, using our experience in the industry and knowledge of roofs to determine if there are any issues you need to take care of right away.

The Importance Of Roof Inspections

It may seem like a hassle, but regularly having your roof inspected by a professional roofer is the best way to prevent any minor issues from becoming serious ones. If, for example, we catch a small leak early on, you won’t end up having to replace the ceiling of the attic or a whole section of the roof due to water damage. Any issue we find during an inspection would have gotten worse over time, costing you more money to fix and taking more time. Since most people want to minimize the time their building is being worked on and save money, a simple inspection can be the perfect solution.

When To Have An Inspection On Your Roof

Because of the climate in Austin, you will ideally want to have us inspect your roof before and/or after the summer, meaning in the spring and/or fall. Inspecting it in the spring will ensure that there is proper ventilation to prevent the roof tiles from overheating during the extreme summer temperatures. A follow-up inspection in the fall confirms that the tiles or shingles haven’t buckled or been otherwise damaged to the heat and direct sunlight.

Of course, you should also have your roof inspected anytime you suspect that it is damaged, such as if you notice a leak, missing shingles, or see granules from the shingles appear in your gutters or downspouts. If you are planning on putting your home or business on the market, you should also have your roof inspected before doing so as this will give you time to make any necessary repairs and increase the property’s value.

What To Expect During The Inspection

A roof inspection involves more than just climbing up on the roof and examining it in close detail. Our team at Transcendent Roofing of Austin also goes into your attic to look at the interior of the roof. When inspecting the exterior, we check for leaks, the condition of the chimney, and proper flashing in dormers, side walls, valleys, rakes, and eaves. We pay close attention to the shingles, checking for buckling, cracks, discoloration, moisture, and other irregularities. When we inspect the interior of the roof, our main concerns are ventilation, insulation, and whether there is moisture present.

Because Transcendent Roofing of Austin handles every aspect of roofing, you won’t have to find one company to inspect the structure and another to complete repairs or do a replacement. We can do everything for you and will get the ball rolling following your inspection. That day or within a day or two after, we will let you know the results of our evaluation, our recommendations for repairs or replacement, and an estimate. That way, you can start taking steps to repair your roof if necessary.