Hutto Metal Roofing

Types Of Metal Roofing In Hutto

Metal roofing is a popular choice for a roofing system in Hutto. It has several benefits to homeowners looking to replace their roof. It is durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for homes in the Hutto area. Metal roofing is also is one of our favorite choices due to its durability and looks.


One of the primary benefits of metal roofing in Hutto is its durability. 24 gauge metal is incredibly strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions like high winds, hail, and heavy rain. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners in Hutto where bad weather is common. It is also resistant to fire and insects. This makes it a safe and a reliable choice for your home.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of metal is its energy-efficiency. It is designed to reflect heat, which helps to reduce your energy bills during the summer. This makes it a smart choice for homeowners who want to save money on their energy bills. Galvalume is the most energy efficient and helps to reflect the suns heat. This can save us a pretty penny during the summer as well.

Last Roof You Will Need

Screw Down

Screw Down Or Exposed Fastener

Metal roofing is also known for its long-lasting properties and is designed to last for several decades. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of your roof for years to come. This also makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance roofing option, as it requires very little maintenance over its lifetime.

Variety of Hutto Metal Roofing Styles

Standing seam and screw down are two popular options for metal roofing systems. They each have their own unique characteristics and benefits, and the best option for your building will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing has raised seams that run vertically along the roof. The seams are made by folding the metal panels over, creating a watertight joint. Standing seam metal roofing is known for its sleek, modern appearance. It is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings. It’s also highly durable and weather-resistant, making it a great choice for areas prone to severe weather like Hutto.

Screw Down Metal Roofing

  • Screw down metal roofing attaches directly to the roof deck. It does have exposed fasteners, unlike standing seam.
  • Screw down is a cost effective solution and is also fairly easy to install.
  • However, it may not be as durable as standing seam and it typically not as weather resistant as standing seam.

Pros And Cons Of Screw Down

Given its nature, screw-down  is cheaper than that with a standing seam. It is also quicker to apply, saving you on labor costs. The disadvantages arise in terms of maintenance as this type of roofing is more likely to experience problems due to age. Screws are exposed which makes it more likely that a leak will occur in the future. The potential for neoprene washers to fall out or fasteners to get rusty increases the chances of leak. Additionally, the fasteners tend to back out eventually since the metal will expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate.

There are numerous other advantages to screw-down metal roofs, including the fact that it is more common, making it easier to find a contractor with the skills to install it. Installation is also nice and easy since there is no need to seam two panels together. As far as screw-down metal roofs, this comes from the use of wider panels, thinner gauge panels, and fewer accessories to purchase.

Pros And Cons Of Standing Seam

Grey Colored Standing Seam In Austin

Grey Colored Standing Seam In Austin

Metal roofing is a popular option for both residential and commercial buildings, and has a number of pros and cons to consider:


  1. As discussed the durability is unmatched for metal roofing systems.
  2. It is storm and weather resistant. If installed correctly high winds and hail are no match for a 24 gauge standing seam metal roof.
  3. It is extremely energy efficient. This will keep your attic cooler and help reduce your electric bill.
  4. It is an environmentally friendly choice since it is made from recycled materials.
  5. There is very little maintenance needed to keep a metal roof in good shape.


  1. It can be more expensive upfront costs associated with metal.
  2. It can be more noisier during rain or hail but I personally think it is very relaxing when I hear the rain on a metal roof.
  3. It can expand and contract over time. Usually this is not much of a problem however.
  4. The installation should be done by metal roofing professionals only. It also requires special tools for this material.
  5. It may not be suitable for certain types of architecture or building types. This would be a personal preference however.

Ultimately, the decision to use metal roofing will depend on a variety of factors. This includes cost, durability, and personal taste. It’s important to consider both the pros and cons before making a decision to ensure that metal roofing is the right choice for your building.

Steps To Install A Metal Roof

First, we need to order a satellite measurement of the roof. This helps us with ordering materials for your new roof install. We’ll take off any old roofing materials and fix up any damage to the roof and decking. Then, we’ll lay down a waterproof underlayment to protect the roof from moisture. This is the first layer installed and this provides waterproofing. Now it’s time to install the metal panels. We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up, making sure each panel overlaps the one below it. We’ll screw or clip them onto the roof depending on the type of system. To keep water out, we need to install flashing around the edges of the roof and any other spots where water might sneak in, like chimneys or vents. The roof isn’t complete without a ridge cap. This goes on the very top of the roof to give it a finished look and seal it up tight. Finally, we’ll inspect the final product and make sure everything is installed correctly. We’ll clean up any debris or leftover materials, so you won’t even know we were there. We run a metal magnet over the areas surrounding your home twice. Remember, each roof is unique, so there might be some other steps we need to take depending on your roof. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Colors Of Metal Roofs Used In Hutto

We are happy to meet with you to go over the range of color options available. We are also able to send you a website link so that you can look at colors in your spare time. Galvalume is the most popular color and the most energy efficient. There are lots of options available though and we are happy to walk to you through those. We can also bring metal samples by so that you know what you are getting when you have us install your new metal roof.

Galvalume Standing Seam Metal Roof We Installed

Galvalume Metal Roof With Striations

Metal Roofing Installed With Striations

Metal Roofing Installed With Striations Installed In Hutto

Our roofers can answer any questions you have about roofing and install your new roof for you with a 40 year material and a 10 year workmanship warranty.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to set up a consultation or an estimate. It is important to have a conversation with your roofer about the type of metal roofing profile you prefer.

Oil Canning Vs Striations

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