Most homeowners dread taking care of home maintenance, but this becomes even more true when you discuss roof maintenance. After all, in addition to cleaning and other tasks, you also have to climb up onto the roof and work at a height, typically on a slope of some sort. To stay safe while you go up on your roof, whether for maintenance, to retrieve a lost Frisbee, or for another reason, keep these tips in mind.

Don’t Go Up – Leave Roofing To The Pros!

Roof SafetyThe best way to stay safe is to just avoid going up on your roof at all whenever you can. If it is at all reasonable to do so, just hire a professional to take care of the task for you. While it probably is not financially savvy to pay a roofer to come over and get down a tennis ball (you can buy another for less), this is the smart choice when it comes to checking out the reason for a leak or inspecting damage after the storm. After all, you cannot fall off or slip on a roof if you do not go up in the first place. If you decide you feel comfortable enough to go up on your roof, then at least keep these safety tips in mind, but remember to leave it to the pros if you are at all concerned about the height, your balance, or your roof’s structural integrity.

Dress Appropriately

Start off by wearing the right clothing for your trip up to the roof. You do not want to have to climb down a ladder then back up just to grab a coat, hat, or sunscreen. Always opt for something comfortable since you want to be able to move around freely while on the roof. You should also be sure to opt for clothing that will protect you from the elements. No matter where you live, put sunscreen on exposed skin since you can get a sunburn even on a gloomy day. You should ideally wear long sleeves and lightweight clothing that is light-colored as this attracts less sunlight. Don’t forget a coat if necessary.

Choose High-Quality Boots

While some homeowners go up on their roof in regular sneakers, this is far from the safest choice. Instead, invest in high-quality boots like cougar paws with steel toes. A large number of roofing accidents occur when inadequate footwear causes someone to slip. Remember that a new pair of boots will cost less than a hospital visit.

Get A Safety Harness

Some areas actually have laws requiring you to use a safety harness if you are on a roof above a certain height. Regardless of whether or not it is legally required, a harness is always a smart idea when on a roof and will typically be in a roofer’s toolkit. Safety harnesses can easily save your life so you cannot really put a cost on them.

Choose Your Ladder Carefully

Finally, take care when choosing and using your ladder. If your ladder is not long enough, buy a taller one. It must safely touch your roof in a way that you will not have to lean forward. You actually want it to extend a bit past the top of the roof so you have something to hold onto as you go down.
If you aren’t willing to take the above safety precautions, then do not even consider going up on your roof and just hire professionals from the start.