Roofs are a key part of every building, so it is no surprise that occasionally some people make mistakes when installing, repairing, or caring for their roofs. Unfortunately, making a mistake can have long-term consequences, such as reducing the effectiveness of your roof, decreasing its longevity, or increasing the risk of leaks. To help your roof last as long as possible, avoid these common mistakes.

Selecting The Wrong Material

Choosing the right material for your roof is a complicated process, since each material comes with its own pros and cons. In most cases, the only difference in your selection will be the advantages you get or the price you pay. Sometimes, however, the material choice will need to depend on other factors, like your roof slope. A common problem is choosing a material that does not work well with your roof’s slope. For example, you should not use asphalt shingles if your roof has a low slope since this will lead to pooling water that could permeate the shingles’ barrier.

Not Installing Flashing Properly

For those who do not know how to install it properly, flashing is another area where mistakes are commonly made. Flashing only works if you install it properly, and in the case of valley flashing, this means placing it under the shingles. Unfortunately, many DIYers and less experienced contractors place it above the shingles. Another common flashing-related mistake is not using enough sealant.

On a related note, some people mistakenly believe that you can reuse flashing to save money. In reality, the flashing protects some of the roof’s most vulnerable areas so it is crucial that it is perfect. This means that you should never reuse it.

Incorrectly Using Nails

roofing mistakesAnother common mistake when it comes to roofing is not using enough nails or nailing in the wrong position. If you use fewer nails than you should as a way to save a few dollars, this can be very problematic, hurting your roof’s longevity. If a shingle is not secured properly, it can come loose and leave your roof exposed to water, wind, and UV damage.

It is also common to nail too low or too high. Take a close look at a shingle and you will notice that there is a nailing strip that you use to secure the shingles on the roof. The shingles will stay in place best if you use this strip, especially since it also catches the shingle underneath, adding an extra layer of protection.

The problems related to nails can go on and on. If you rush to install your roofing, you may under or over drive the nails. Under driven nails may create a gap between shingles, letting water into the roof. Over driven nails also let in water, but by damaging the shingle.

Other Common Roofing Mistakes

Some other fairly common roofing mistakes include covering up old shingles instead of replacing them, leaving the incorrect overhang, over-insulating your home, not regularly inspecting the roof, not checking the attic, and using a pressure washer to clean the roof.

The best way to avoid roofing mistakes is to hire a professional, such as those at Transcendent Roofing. Our knowledge and experience mean that we know the best methods and materials for your roof.